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Today I am going to blog about the trailer for the movie Rio.

Me, already have seen the movie, thought that the movie was great. For children though.

Most cartoons are directed towards younger audiences, but also most of them can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Rio, not so much. It was not very funny and had a very annoying theme song.

The trailer however made me respect the movie more than I did when I first watched it. Besides from being dull towards older audiences, it was superb towards younger audiences.


Microhpones: The Proximity Effect


Canon XL2 video camera

Shows Hi8 tape (front), miniDV tape, MICROMV t...
Shows Hi8 tape (front), miniDV tape, MICROMV tape and finally at the top a MICROMV camcorder. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A Yeti brand, USB microphone by Blue Microphon...
A Yeti brand, USB microphone by Blue Microphones. I giant thing (over a foot tall) that has good sound. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Canon HG10 high defenition video camera with h...
Canon HG10 high defenition video camera with hard drive (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
JVC GZ-MG555 digital camcorder
JVC GZ-MG555 digital camcorder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
An Audio-Technica AT815a shotgun microphone
An Audio-Technica AT815a shotgun microphone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Panasonic Camcorder in Use
Panasonic Camcorder in Use (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Nokia N95 with Shotgun Microphone
Nokia N95 with Shotgun Microphone (Photo credit: stevegarfield)
Singstar Microphones - Wired vs Wireless
Singstar Microphones – Wired vs Wireless (Photo credit: Neil Crosby) Here is another video from Videopedia. This time the Videopedia crew has brought tips about microphones for cameras (Camcorders). When you are recording a special momment in your life, like your childs first birthday party for example, the sound quality is usually very poor. This is because the camcorder you were using was either part of the camera or was bad quality. If you ask a professional, they will direct you to a microphone over $1500. This video explains that good quality microphones are actually fairly cheap. The video also explains the pros and cons of diffrent kinds of microphones and actually recorded the video using the described camcorders.A tip that was mentioned in the video was to focus on the filming environment as well as the proximity. This video was very well done and should be watched by anyone who has any interest at all in camcorder qualities.

DIY Steadicam- Flying Camera Supports

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Cover of "The Blair Witch Project"

This is the Telly Award Winner of 2009 video about the DIY Steadicam. In the video Videopedia® explains how mind blowing the invention of the Steadicam® was  back in 1977, and how you can create one yourself for under $65. Films like Cloverfield and The Blair Witch Project recieved tons of national gross product by the use of their simple “shakey” camera work to resemble amature filming by characters in the film. The video explains that videos don’t have to be shakey, in order to be successful. The main principle that makes the Steadicam work the way it does, is the equal distribution of weight on all 3 axis, pan, tilt, and cant. Videopedia explained that you can buy the gimbal (part of the Steadicam that keeps the up camera straight) for $50 on AMVONA, that moves freely, secure, and also cheap. The modding plate (sort of like handles on the Steadicam that allow the user to walkaround with the camera while keeping the camera still) can be created simply screwing a 3-inch PVC pipe through the frount of the camera and adding 90° joints to each end, then adding additional PVC pipe, and then bolting a certain type of bolt (explained in video) to balance the weight on all of the 3 axis. All these extra materials are no more than $15. This way you can easily start experimenting with Garret Brown’s Steadicam® invention in your own backyard for under $60. The video was very well done. It was funny, smart, and entertaining. Anybody who has ever had any interest in flying camera supports used in movies, click away.

My Japan

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Let's Donate for Japan!!!
Let’s Donate for Japan!!! (Photo credit: Pavel ahmed)
Japan (Photo credit: loiclemeur)

For those who were interested about my posts on timelapsing, here’s another.

This is another video created with timelapsing, on Japan. I thought the video was amazing. Plain and simple.

The video was very inspiring and you can feel the authors love for Japan in the video, even though you don’t even him in it. The thing that really entertained me was how the author timelapsed the video in very little spaces, making the video seem more like a ride. Also even more like a ride, the video was filmed in a first-person perspective. I gotta say, I have no clue why, but I find rollercoasters and things similar to that, are just plain fun to watch. In fact, I like watching rollercoaster’s more than I like actually on rollercoasters! Wierd. Anyways if you are really into this kind of stuff, click your way to the video linked above.

How to tell a story

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This is another video for you readers.

This video, told by Scott Simon is about telling stories, and how to improve your stories so that people actually listen to them.

The video was very well done with some exellent audio recording technologys, and secretly funny humar.


Box Animation

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This is another video that I found that deals with technology. It shows off Jordan Clarke’s impressive 3-D animation skills.

 Using only paint, boxes and vairious programs for matchmoving and compsting techniques, he can make a simple scene on the streets turn into a magical world of EPIC BOXES!

This video is very well done and short. ^^^check it out

The best part about the video was the way he made the music blend in with the animation, and of course the ending

What was the ending??? ^^^^^

Another break Projection

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This is a short video about projection. The video is told from the projectionist’s point of view.  He explains in a fun and joyful way, what a projectionist does for a small amount of cash. Also the video explains that projectionists job’s are being less and less needed and their are very few available anymore.

This video about projection is very creative and joyful. The creator Temujin Doran clearly shows that he loves his job and makes the audiance happy for him. He says at the end of the video that when he was a kid he wanted to do something else but now this is the only job that he loves, and that will ever make him happy. If the projectors in the theaters change to digital projectors he will have to find a new job.