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Today I am going to blog about the trailer for the movie Rio.

Me, already have seen the movie, thought that the movie was great. For children though.

Most cartoons are directed towards younger audiences, but also most of them can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Rio, not so much. It was not very funny and had a very annoying theme song.

The trailer however made me respect the movie more than I did when I first watched it. Besides from being dull towards older audiences, it was superb towards younger audiences.


My Japan

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Let's Donate for Japan!!!
Let’s Donate for Japan!!! (Photo credit: Pavel ahmed)
Japan (Photo credit: loiclemeur)

For those who were interested about my posts on timelapsing, here’s another.

This is another video created with timelapsing, on Japan. I thought the video was amazing. Plain and simple.

The video was very inspiring and you can feel the authors love for Japan in the video, even though you don’t even him in it. The thing that really entertained me was how the author timelapsed the video in very little spaces, making the video seem more like a ride. Also even more like a ride, the video was filmed in a first-person perspective. I gotta say, I have no clue why, but I find rollercoasters and things similar to that, are just plain fun to watch. In fact, I like watching rollercoaster’s more than I like actually on rollercoasters! Wierd. Anyways if you are really into this kind of stuff, click your way to the video linked above.

Hunger Games Review


Today I read the review for Hunger Games. I have already read the books and enjoyed all of them. The movie got very good reviews and even though the movie, like all movies based on books, left out many key points of the book for essential character development, it still got bad-ass reviews.  Movies ruining books is a huge tragity for me. Some movies like Golden Compass, The Lightning Theif, and Ink Heart, were just some examples of movies that were just plain awful, compared to the books. Eragon in particular, made me never want to read the series because the movie was not enjoyable to me. I am very glad that Hunger Games did not dissapoint huge time fans of the books and I now want to see the movie more than ever.

I will also regret having to wait for the second movie to come out next year.

Box Animation

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This is another video that I found that deals with technology. It shows off Jordan Clarke’s impressive 3-D animation skills.

 Using only paint, boxes and vairious programs for matchmoving and compsting techniques, he can make a simple scene on the streets turn into a magical world of EPIC BOXES!

This video is very well done and short. ^^^check it out

The best part about the video was the way he made the music blend in with the animation, and of course the ending

What was the ending??? ^^^^^