Del Toro to direct the Hobbit

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This movie is probably really old by now but I would just like to make mention of it because I found it kinda exiting…

Anyways, the movie producer Guillermo Del Toro helped produce the movie ‘The Hobbit.’. Not only did Del Toro (The producer of some of my favourite movies to date; Pam’s Labyrinth, Hellboy, and Blade) but Peter Jackson (King Kong, Lord of the Rings, and Adventures of Tintin) and Fran Walsh!(Screenplay for Heavenly Creatures, Braindead, and The Lovley Bones) This movie was probably huge! I really like all of their work. I am curious as to what the movie has in store for me. Before I was not that interested, only curious on reading the book. The Lord of the Rings never really interested me so when I found out that ‘The Hobbit’ was part of the Lord of the Rings trilogy I put it down.

Now that I know that these three amazing producers are forming together to form a movie on the book that I do not feel like sitting down to read, I am exited to read the reviews.


An example of an ‘awesome’ M.U.G.E.N stage

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It has been a while since I have talked about MUGEN, the amazing program that allows you to play fighting games created by people all around the world and personalize it any way you want. The program is meant to help aspiring game makers get used to the program that was used in many games like marvel vs capcom 2

Madonna: Truth or Dare [Blue-ray]

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I recently watched the tralor for the famous documentary of Madonna, Truth or Dare.

The preview was really good, also the comments were very heart filled and encouraging. Apparently this docmentary, though 22 years old, was the best documentary ever created even today!

The documentary reveals to the audieance everything, Madonna’s love, personality, and her familiy life now that she is rich and famous. The documentary leads the audiances into thinking that Madonna does not hide anything from the fans in the film when she seems to not realize the camera is on and she is arguing with her sound crew because they did not make the microphones top notch.After watching this preview about Madonna,

I realy have a new perspective on her and her work that she put’s into her career for us to enjoy.


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Image representing The Walt Disney Company as ...

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This movie looks really good! I am a fan of Disney and Pixar, and their recent release of Toy Story 3 was one of the best movies I have ever watched.

The movie is about a teenaged girl with really curly ginger hair named Merida who lives in a far away land. Like most movies released by Disney, Brave takes place in the medieval times. Merida like most princesses, felt confined and controlled by her parents, so she ran away to seek out away to change her life. She was tired of her parents telling her how to act, how to dress, even who shall marry her! The problem was that Merida accidentally let lose a dangerous cure, which begins the adventure, of a young teenager fighting to control her own destiny.

Brave looks like a really good movie and I would watch it if it was free. Not only does it look funny, it is just plain fun to listen to during the commercial. Merida’s accent is Scottish and is really cool to listen to.

Movie Trailors

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This post is just to let my readers out there know that all my posts for the next little while will be focused on movie trailors.

I’m the One That’s Cool

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Very plesurable video about geeks, who don’t care what other people think.
Very Funny

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This article that I found on, talks about the way that plants act like animals. Plants as explained by the director of the show “Smarty Plants”, which airs on CBC-TV‘s  The Nature Of Things are incredibly vital and responsive organisms. Most people when asked, even scientists, say that plants are in no way like animals. They just couldn’t believe that those inanimate objects could actually think. The truth is that plants can actually make descisions, and react when under attack. The film used stop-motion photography to speed up the slow and subtle movements, and other various types of filming, and animation technologies, like special nightvision cameras with special “probe lens” that  film the movements of plants inside dark and deep caves, which is about the length of a grown womans arm! This article provides very good information to people who do not believe in this area of plant life, and…

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