Facebook’s latest intrusion: Apps that ‘tell eveyone what I’m reading’


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This article explains the rising amount of distrust, in the minds of Facebook users. Facebook seems to be stacked with fineprint that risks the privacy of Facebook users. For example Facebook asks for the users permission to share articles you have read with friends, exept in big letters it says ‘read atricles with your firends’. Users click the button because it says ‘read with friends’, when it really means share all articles that you read online with friends. So Facebook users, expecting privacy when not on Facebook are surprised to see stuff they have recently done on the internetposted onto their timeline, without meaning to. Facebook has called this idea “Frictionless sharing”. This idea of “Frictionless sharing” serves the purpose of providing Facebook with more traffic. The sharing of articles and videos from the internet, on Facebook has been gaining popularity. What better way to gain more traffic then they already have by giving Facebook users the privilage to share articles and videos automatically? The more articles and videos shared, the more ads and users they can stack up. I think that this is ridiculus. Facebook already has more than half the world logging onto their site, at least once a month. My trust in Facebook has been falling greatly, and now I am going to re-read all those privacy settings that I have set because more and more options and exeptions are being added every week!

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8- Bit Google Maps “Quest”

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This article is about the joke that Google played on Google users before April Fools Day. It was really funny. Google literaly released an 8-bit version of their Google Maps function. It came with all of the original functions of Google Maps, but as an 8-bit retro game. Both the street view and destination tools were very interesting in 8-bit pixels. To access Google Maps Quest, all you had to do was go onto google maps and click the ‘Quest’ button on the top right corner of the screen.

It comes in it’s own NES cartridge for your NES. The first NES cartridge to be released for 18 years! It even came with old school an 8-bit video game theme that sounded a lot like the theme from Dragon Quest for NES.

The best part was Google announced that they are working on an 8-bit version for GBA.

This pratical joke was very clever and really had me going, considering the only thing you had to do to access Google Maps Quest,  was to go onto google maps and click the ‘Quest’ button on the top right corner of the screen.

Google attracting negative attention from Officials

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This article that I found at technewsworld is about Google’s new privacy policy. This new policy is very handy for both the google company and the google users. Google used to have 60 diffrent policies, but now with google’s new policy, they combined all of them together into one. That’s much simpler. Also Google’s new policy will allow them to use google users searches to improve their ad-selling leverage. For example Google Maps knows your Web searches, Contacts see your news-reading habits, and G-mail knows your Youtube searches. Users using Google search will be benifited from this update because it will give them more personalized results. The problem with this new update is the fact that users will not be able to just opt in and opt out of the system at will. Everything that you do with Google when signed into an account will go on your permanent Google record!

This new policy that Google created makes searching on Google much easier. I really like the new policy, yesterday I was looking for some information for my project that I have been looking for for a while, just popped  up! When I signed into Google my search got narrowed down so well I didn’t even have to try! I don’t understand why officials are so upset about this new privacy policy of Google, exept that regulators in Europe think that their new policy MIGHT be a violation of their privacy laws. Anyways, if you sign into Google you will be bestowed with better search results, with less effort. Now enjoy.