Nintendo Struggling from new mobile technologies

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Logo of the Nintendo DS handheld video game sy...

A Super Nintendo (SNES or Super NES) video gam...
A Super Nintendo (SNES or Super NES) video game console, shown with standard controller. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A Nintendo 64 game console and controller (Nin...
A Nintendo 64 game console and controller (Nintendo 64 is a trademark of Nintendo Company, Limited). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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A Nintendo 64 video game console shown with gray controller. This is the JPG version. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Nintendo DSi XL verrassingspakket
Nintendo DSi XL verrassingspakket (Photo credit:
nintendo (Photo credit: m g a)
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Image via CrunchBase

Technology has been advancing at an alarming level the past few years, slowing down many companies income. Recently the Nintendo market has fallen drasticlly. Out of all the consoles available today, Nintendo is becoming the least popular. The rapidly increasing speed of mobile technology has caused Nintendo to fall behind in sales and popularity. Even the new 3DS was unable to compare against the rising amount of mobile sales. Nintendo needs to widen their hardware to mobile phones like super mario 64 on android phones, or a new warioware for tablets. This really disapoints me. I remember the days when Nintendo was the first game console to ever be released, and Mario, the Italian, mushroom eating, plumber was released onto television sets everywhere. It literally gave birth to all those video games that we see in stores today. When systems such as these are becoming more and more popular in dumps and dirty closets, it sorta disrespects Nintendo. In a wierd nerdy sorta way. I hope that Nintendo realizes their issues, and figures out a way to solve it. Also maybe the WiU will boost Nintendo’s sales up a notch, so that they don’t have to abandon their fans and leave their buissiness in dumpsters.


Witness an IPad Being Built in a Foxconn Factory


Česky: Foxconn Pardubice, GPS: 50°1'28.591&quo...

Deutsch: Foxconn Logo
Deutsch: Foxconn Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
An Ipad being made, at a Foxconn facility in China;topStories

Ever want to see how an Ipad is made? This article includes a video, filmed by Rob Schmitz, a public radio journalist. Rob was the journalist who exposed the working conditions at the Chinese electronics factory. Rob is now the second Western journalist to visit the factory floor, since Mike Daisey‘s falsified report about the harsh working conditions in Foxconn factories. (See post about Foxconn working conditions) The video was taken by a hired film crew in Foxconn’s Longhua facility in the city of Shenzhen, the official birthplace of Ipads. Rob’s video features the construction of the Ipad’s motherboard, and touchscreen, as well as some tests. The video also included a line up of people, wanting to work  in the Fosconn factory for a starting $14 a day.

Anyways, if you want to see an Ipad being made, then go right ahead and click the link above.

Andriod 4.0

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This article is about the newest version of the Android platform for phones.
Nick named the ice cream sandwich, the Android 4.0 offeres easy and efficient multitasking, customizeable home screens, resizable widgets and powerful new ways of communicating with your friends or co-workers.
The greatest part of the new Android tablet, is the new recently used apps button. This button takes the user directly to a list of recently used apps for really easy navigation. Also this button is always on the screen and never disappears. It lives ritght next to it’s HOME, if you know what I mean

8- Bit Google Maps “Quest”

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This article is about the joke that Google played on Google users before April Fools Day. It was really funny. Google literaly released an 8-bit version of their Google Maps function. It came with all of the original functions of Google Maps, but as an 8-bit retro game. Both the street view and destination tools were very interesting in 8-bit pixels. To access Google Maps Quest, all you had to do was go onto google maps and click the ‘Quest’ button on the top right corner of the screen.

It comes in it’s own NES cartridge for your NES. The first NES cartridge to be released for 18 years! It even came with old school an 8-bit video game theme that sounded a lot like the theme from Dragon Quest for NES.

The best part was Google announced that they are working on an 8-bit version for GBA.

This pratical joke was very clever and really had me going, considering the only thing you had to do to access Google Maps Quest,  was to go onto google maps and click the ‘Quest’ button on the top right corner of the screen.

Windows 8 kills desktop computers!

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The new Windows 8 Start Screen, making use of ...

Image representing Windows as depicted in Crun...
Image via CrunchBase

This is another article about Windows 8, this time providing more information. The article’s main point is to describe how the world might react to the new ipad touch-screen tablet like format called Metro through reviews and tests on older computers.

The new start screen is completely diffrent than previous Windows systems. Instead of the start menue, there are just apps and simple to use shortcuts, to navigate the system. These changes might be irritating to some users who are used to the old windows computers (almost everyone). For example: to start the system instead of a passcode that the user must enter like in ipods, the user must drag the screen down to reveal a log in. This might seem cool and very simple for users on the windows 8 tablet, but on a desktop it is just plain annoying. Windows realized this problem and tried to fix the issue by inserting a function that allows the user to change the format from mobile tablet to desktop computer, with the start menu, programs arranged in their folders, and even the old command prompt. They also inserted the run program to easily run any program that you want. The article explains that this new idea of windows 8 being a desktop computer, and a tablet would dissapoint users no matter how smooth the system is. Users who were looking for a desktop computer would be irritated by the new mobile tablet format, and users who were looking forward to buying a new mobile tablet, may find that purely focused mobile phone tablet would be a better choice, instead of a tablet/desktop fusion.

I was very dissipointed with this article. The new windows system is really going to destroy desktop computers. The article said that years from now people would still have a desktop computer at their house but all the old programs and functions would be gone. I was happy about the way windows tried to fuse the desktop and mobile tablet together though, that would be very sweet. If only it had recieved better reviews. I always hated computers anyways, maybe windows will start to go out of buisiness and x-box will be destroyed as well someday. That would be awesome. GO PLAYSTATION!

MUGEN CONFUSION (it rhymes!)

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This is a video that explains how to add characters to a freeware program called mugen. What is Mugen? Mugen is a freeware program that allows users to easily create their own fighting games, with easy controls. The only problem with mugen is that it’s tutorials are confusing to novice game creaters, which is kind of a fail because mugen is based and aimed towards novices who want to try to create a game for the first time. Well at least it is cheap.

The video is very well done. I really wanted to know how to add characters to the program and this video helped alot. Other videos about mugen characters were very poor. One was too short and had no sound (useless), and the other was being told by someone with an unaudiable voice! The video was shown and explained clearly and was broken into 2 parts. The first part was the main one but the second part explained some common errors that users were having with mugen. I learned from this video that you had to copy all the data from the character folder that you wanted to add from the internet, and delete the folder. The caracters all come packaged in a zipped folder, which you unzip, with the character folder in the character folder! Why they do this, I am not sure, but I think it was to make the zipped folder more organized and compatible with the mugen software.

Uncharted Golden Abyss

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This article is about Naughty Dog’s new game release for the PSP Vita, Uncharted Golden Abyss. The Uncharted series has been one of the best games on the ps3 for the past 5 years. The article compaires the new Uncharted game with it’s previous games on the ps3. The results were disappointing. The article stated that the makers spent too much time in the game showing off the new systems abilitys, for example balanceing on logs by shifting the system, and swipeing the screen to break apart ancient ruins both create dullness towards the Uncharted series. The new PSP is sopposed to be awesome though, and the new game really shows off the new capabilities of the PSP Vita like graphical prowness and persise motion sensors and will provide the company with lots of money to create more new and better games for the PSP Vita. I belive that this game is just the start of the Vita.

Uncharted by Naughtydog has been one of my favourite games for the ps3 for a while. When I play on ps3 I usually flick on Uncharted. I have been trying to find all the treasures in the game for a long time. I had a big feeling that this new Uncharted game was not going to be as good as the previous Uncharted games. I just hope that this game does not ruin the series and disappoint too many players. I would love to see the next one come out. Speaking of which, I still haven’t got Uncharted 3. K Bye.