Facebook’s latest intrusion: Apps that ‘tell eveyone what I’m reading’


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This article explains the rising amount of distrust, in the minds of Facebook users. Facebook seems to be stacked with fineprint that risks the privacy of Facebook users. For example Facebook asks for the users permission to share articles you have read with friends, exept in big letters it says ‘read atricles with your firends’. Users click the button because it says ‘read with friends’, when it really means share all articles that you read online with friends. So Facebook users, expecting privacy when not on Facebook are surprised to see stuff they have recently done on the internetposted onto their timeline, without meaning to. Facebook has called this idea “Frictionless sharing”. This idea of “Frictionless sharing” serves the purpose of providing Facebook with more traffic. The sharing of articles and videos from the internet, on Facebook has been gaining popularity. What better way to gain more traffic then they already have by giving Facebook users the privilage to share articles and videos automatically? The more articles and videos shared, the more ads and users they can stack up. I think that this is ridiculus. Facebook already has more than half the world logging onto their site, at least once a month. My trust in Facebook has been falling greatly, and now I am going to re-read all those privacy settings that I have set because more and more options and exeptions are being added every week!

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Facebook Obsession

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This article is about 2 junior girls at San Francisco University High School, who descided to quit using Facebook because they felt that they were using it too much.

Their names were Halley Lamberson, who was 17 years old, and Monica Reed who was 16 years old. The 2 girls decided to go on facebook on the first saterday of every month. The article also explains how many teenagers are also obsessed with Facebook, and how they are getting distracted from more important things like College applications. Facebook now has 54.7% of people between the ages of 12 to 17 in the United States now regularly logging into Facebook. In one year the amount of people using Facebook in the United States  in this age range went up from 28.3%  in October to 54.7%. Teens are getting so obsessed with simply checking in on their social lives through the internet. The main problem with people being obsessed with Facebook is the fact that it is so time consuming.

I think that this article was very well done. I can connect with this article with my own obsessions. I am very obsessive over things that distract me from more important things like spending time with my familiy and doing homework. I also created my own ideas on how to stop my obsessions. For example, I am obsessed with not going to bed when I am told to. I would rather play on my psp, read a book, and most of all go on my computer. My parents often walk in on me now because they know that I am going to be on my computer before I go to bed. I always felt guilty of disobeying my parents. To solve this problem and earn back my parents trust, I decided to simply turn off my computer before I go to sleep. It worked great! I would not turn on my computer at night because I know it makes lots of noise starting up. Now I just have to stop going on my well beloved psp. My parents threatend to take it away. O GOD NOOOO!!!!