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Today I am going to blog about the trailer for the movie Rio.

Me, already have seen the movie, thought that the movie was great. For children though.

Most cartoons are directed towards younger audiences, but also most of them can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Rio, not so much. It was not very funny and had a very annoying theme song.

The trailer however made me respect the movie more than I did when I first watched it. Besides from being dull towards older audiences, it was superb towards younger audiences.



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Tony during footloose

I’m talkin about loose, FOOTLOOSE

Kick off your Sunday shoes

Please, Louise

Pull me off a my knees

Jack, get back, c’mon before we crack

lose your blues everybody cut footloose!

Dosn’t that song just get stuck in your head?

It got stuck in my head after I watched the trailor for Footloose.

The movie looks like it is going to be a hit, I don’t know about the old version but I heard that it was amazing.

Usually I would say remakes of old movies are never as good as the originals, and I could say that again to this movie.

I say that the new version of Footloose is just as good as the old one.



Movie Trailors

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This post is just to let my readers out there know that all my posts for the next little while will be focused on movie trailors.

Hunger Games Review


Today I read the review for Hunger Games. I have already read the books and enjoyed all of them. The movie got very good reviews and even though the movie, like all movies based on books, left out many key points of the book for essential character development, it still got bad-ass reviews.  Movies ruining books is a huge tragity for me. Some movies like Golden Compass, The Lightning Theif, and Ink Heart, were just some examples of movies that were just plain awful, compared to the books. Eragon in particular, made me never want to read the series because the movie was not enjoyable to me. I am very glad that Hunger Games did not dissapoint huge time fans of the books and I now want to see the movie more than ever.

I will also regret having to wait for the second movie to come out next year.