La Luna

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The entrance to Pixar's studio lot in Emeryvil...

English: The animation disc with a Pixar logo....
English: The animation disc with a Pixar logo. Intended as a free icon to represent Wikipedia’s coverage of Pixar without Disney or Pixar’s copyright violation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pixar Animation Studios atrium.

Pixar Animation Studio's own P-II Pixar Image ...

English: Pixar Animation Studios company logo ...
English: Pixar Animation Studios company logo Italiano: Logo della Pixar Animation Studios (Photo credit: Wikipedia) 

Today I decided to post the trailor for the Pixar short ‘La Luna’. It is about a small child who is growing up and is taken to his father and grandfathers work for the first time. He is constantly seen copying his father or his grandfather, but is more willing to follow his father. The line of work they do is something only Pixar can think up, fishing for stars. The whole short looks beautiful. Beautiful; animations, music, and sound effects.

The Pixar short, like all of the other shorts, is with no dought going to be amazing.

If you want to see it, go and see the Pixar movie Brave in theaters because it is only playing there.


Dreamworks Animation’s Madagaskar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

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Madagaskar is one of my favourite animated movies,  the laughs and drama were both at it’s peak. When the second one came out I was too afraid to watch it because it is one of those movies that reveal all of the funny parts in the commercial. I have the video game(game for family), so I  already know the storyline, and I also have the movie. I don’t know why I bought it when I never thought on watching it, but to this day I have never seen the entire movie, only bits and pieces. Also I heard from one of my best friends who I shared the love for the movie with, that it was not very funny. I do not want to watch the second movie because I am afraid that it will spoil the masterpiece of Madagaskar.

When I watched the commercial for Madagaskar 3: Europe‘s Most Wanted I was really exited to see it. Then again, I was exited when Madagaskar 2 Escape From Africa came out as well.

At least the animation is still at it’s best. Actually the animation quality in Madagaskar 3 looks better than the first one. When I talk about the animations in movie sequals, I am talking about the colours and shades that were used. Usually sequals to good movies that could be enjoyed for a lifetime, are reanimated so much that they look like they were done by completely different animators. Character’s clothing is made of different textures and brightness levels.  

This movie just might be better than the previous one because their t.v show was very entertaining and funny, when usually movies that get turned into t.v shows are almost pointless to even preview. The funny thing is, the television show for Madagaskar was created using the exact type of animation I described above. The characters were way brighter and the characters were more child -looking. Probobly to attract young viewers. Their t.v show probably helped them with the production of Madagaskar 3 a lot.

Also my hopes on this movie not being terrible, was the fact that the same 4 hilarious actors were staring in it. There is; Ben Stiller as Alex, Chris Rock as Marty, David Schwimmer as Melman (my favourite character), and Jada Pinkett Smith as Gloria.

This movie looks like it will be worth watching and I am not scared a bit to watch it.

Madagaskar 3 be ready.

NPD: Apple will lose quarter of tablet market by 2017

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Kindle DX and Kindle 2

Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase;item11

Okay so I’m back, it has been a week sinse I updated because I was visiting my exchange partner from BC. This blog a very short and to the point statement. ‘Apple will lose quarter of tablet market by 2017.’  According to NPDImage representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase Display Search (global market research and consulting firm) PC tablet sales are expected to grow five times over by 2017, but Apple will not account for a lot of it. NPD stated that by next year Apple will control close to 75 percent of the global tablet market with iOS on the iPad. As the Android market increases, NPD believes that Amazon‘s Kindle Fire will become the new number 1 because of their amount of diversification in the market. Another possibility for market toppers would be the new Windows 8, leaping from a fractional 1.5 percent in 2012 to 7.5 percent in 2017.

Like I said it was very short and to the point and is a good read for Monday morning.

Lighting Infinite White

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Deutsch: Farbroller neben einem Pinsel auf ein...

Telly Award
Telly Award (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Ever wanted to make a movie, but don’t have and money or place to put any fancy green or white screens? This video explains in a clear and smart way how to make your own whiteroom cheaply, and with little space. The silver Telly Award winning video of 2009 explains that using massive amounts of bright lights, a camera, a garage, and an 8*4 textureless piece of paneling will create a seemingly infinite white background. That way inspiring movie makers can start experimenting with whitescreen in their own garages.

The materials and prices are listed below:

  • 15 clamp lights = $105
  • 2 floor lamps = $20
  • 21 CFLightbulbs = $60
  • 8*4 paneling = $10
  • 2 Gallons paint = $20
  • Canvas Dropcloth = $20

All together that is $235 including stuff the guy already had around his home like spackle sandpaper, a paint roller, and PVC pipe.

This video provides an inexpencive way to experience a portion of a proffesional greenscreen and is great for anyone who has an interest in filming and greenscreens.

Apple Inc.’s profits surge 93%

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The logo for Apple Computer, now Apple Inc.. T...

Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase

Image representing iPhone as depicted in Crunc...Apple Inc.

This article from cbc states that Apple, one of the most valuable and profitable companies in the world today raised it’s total income 93 percent! The main cause for the massive profit increase would be their Iphone sales. The Cupertino, Calif.-based company said it sold 35 million Iphones in the past 3 months, or nearly double the total in the same timeframe last year. Iphones now account for 58 percent of Apple’s total revenue. 3 years ago they were only 27 percent. Most of Apple’s sales have been in China, and will probably stay that way for a long time concidering how many people reside in China. The article also explains that Apple’s Mac sales have been below expectations by 4 million.

This article really frightend me. Technology is growing at such a surprising rate. I continue to wait for Apple’s next release.