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Today I am going to blog about the trailer for the movie Rio.

Me, already have seen the movie, thought that the movie was great. For children though.

Most cartoons are directed towards younger audiences, but also most of them can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Rio, not so much. It was not very funny and had a very annoying theme song.

The trailer however made me respect the movie more than I did when I first watched it. Besides from being dull towards older audiences, it was superb towards younger audiences.


La Luna

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The entrance to Pixar's studio lot in Emeryvil...

English: The animation disc with a Pixar logo....
English: The animation disc with a Pixar logo. Intended as a free icon to represent Wikipedia’s coverage of Pixar without Disney or Pixar’s copyright violation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pixar Animation Studios atrium.

Pixar Animation Studio's own P-II Pixar Image ...

English: Pixar Animation Studios company logo ...
English: Pixar Animation Studios company logo Italiano: Logo della Pixar Animation Studios (Photo credit: Wikipedia) 

Today I decided to post the trailor for the Pixar short ‘La Luna’. It is about a small child who is growing up and is taken to his father and grandfathers work for the first time. He is constantly seen copying his father or his grandfather, but is more willing to follow his father. The line of work they do is something only Pixar can think up, fishing for stars. The whole short looks beautiful. Beautiful; animations, music, and sound effects.

The Pixar short, like all of the other shorts, is with no dought going to be amazing.

If you want to see it, go and see the Pixar movie Brave in theaters because it is only playing there.

Lighting Infinite White

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Deutsch: Farbroller neben einem Pinsel auf ein...

Telly Award
Telly Award (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Ever wanted to make a movie, but don’t have and money or place to put any fancy green or white screens? This video explains in a clear and smart way how to make your own whiteroom cheaply, and with little space. The silver Telly Award winning video of 2009 explains that using massive amounts of bright lights, a camera, a garage, and an 8*4 textureless piece of paneling will create a seemingly infinite white background. That way inspiring movie makers can start experimenting with whitescreen in their own garages.

The materials and prices are listed below:

  • 15 clamp lights = $105
  • 2 floor lamps = $20
  • 21 CFLightbulbs = $60
  • 8*4 paneling = $10
  • 2 Gallons paint = $20
  • Canvas Dropcloth = $20

All together that is $235 including stuff the guy already had around his home like spackle sandpaper, a paint roller, and PVC pipe.

This video provides an inexpencive way to experience a portion of a proffesional greenscreen and is great for anyone who has an interest in filming and greenscreens.

My Japan

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Let's Donate for Japan!!!
Let’s Donate for Japan!!! (Photo credit: Pavel ahmed)
Japan (Photo credit: loiclemeur)

For those who were interested about my posts on timelapsing, here’s another.

This is another video created with timelapsing, on Japan. I thought the video was amazing. Plain and simple.

The video was very inspiring and you can feel the authors love for Japan in the video, even though you don’t even him in it. The thing that really entertained me was how the author timelapsed the video in very little spaces, making the video seem more like a ride. Also even more like a ride, the video was filmed in a first-person perspective. I gotta say, I have no clue why, but I find rollercoasters and things similar to that, are just plain fun to watch. In fact, I like watching rollercoaster’s more than I like actually on rollercoasters! Wierd. Anyways if you are really into this kind of stuff, click your way to the video linked above.

Timelapse Coal Powerplant

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This is a video made using a technique called Timelapseing. Timelapsing is when the subject is filmed for very long periods of time, then is edited by the creator by cuting out lots of sections of the video, making the video a lot shorter. Timelapsing is similar to the technique used in the smarty plants video but the video was just sped up at a very fast rate, instead of the removal of segments.

Timelapsing can create beauty in a video, and reveal the actions of nature, and the environment. Timelapsing can also create a feeling of unease, or fear as seen in this video. The filming of a simple powerplant near Council Bluffs lowa was turned into a night alone in the streets, with increasing footsteps comming up behind you.

But you still have to give the soundtrack for Kubric’s The Shinning. Kubric is very skilled with his emotional soundtracks. They are both beautiful, and intense.

Personally I think that this video became creepy and intense because of his music. I encourage you readers to search up more pieces by Kubric and tell me what you thought of it.


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I would like to dedicate this post to all of my fans out thereeee!!!! PARTY TO THA PEOPLE!!!!

k…. fantasy dreams aside, I would dedicate this post to my first folower TheCoevas. I found that their blog here on wordpress was very interesting and you guys should check it out. TheCoevas are a band from Italy, who create soundtracks using creativity, emotions, and the inner thoughts of a person when they are engaged inside a novel. How do they do this?

TheCoevas created an interesting type of soundtrack, for books written by them. When the reader buys their e-book online and opens the first page they are greeted with an electronic instrument creating music along with the text of the novel. This causes the reader to feel really involved in the novel and sort of teleport them into a new dimention of their own imaginations. Their music is very hard to explain and very complex, but very different unique.

I encourage all fans of music. people searching for a new style of music, and people new to music to visit their blog or twitter page and listen to a sample of these guys.

<iframe src=”;byline=0&amp;portrait=0” width=”400″ height=”225″ frameborder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href=”″>M. Appignani feat. TheCoevas – Coevica luxury mix</a> from <a href=””>TheCoevas</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a>.</p>


Hunger Games Review


Today I read the review for Hunger Games. I have already read the books and enjoyed all of them. The movie got very good reviews and even though the movie, like all movies based on books, left out many key points of the book for essential character development, it still got bad-ass reviews.  Movies ruining books is a huge tragity for me. Some movies like Golden Compass, The Lightning Theif, and Ink Heart, were just some examples of movies that were just plain awful, compared to the books. Eragon in particular, made me never want to read the series because the movie was not enjoyable to me. I am very glad that Hunger Games did not dissapoint huge time fans of the books and I now want to see the movie more than ever.

I will also regret having to wait for the second movie to come out next year.

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