The following link will take you readers to a video of the top ten rides (Not my opinion)
Below I will explain the thoughts that I have on them,
Kamikaze- Looks like It would hurt
breakdance- looks like lots of fun
ring of fire- Saw it at a local fair that I went to, I was too scared to go on it.
Energy storm- I think that I could work up the courage to go on it after going on the Extreme 2 ride at the richmond fair.
power surge- No way, Too high and belly twisting
Beach party- A ride that everyone has to try at least once according to other people’s comments on it. (Including me)
Top Scan- You will have to force me to go on that one, too high
Mega Drop- I hate the stomach drops, so no
Tango- Too scary, Insaine
The Zipper- I have wanted to ride the zipper for the longest time but I feel that the inability to control the cage’s flipping would make me too scared to go on.