Let's Donate for Japan!!!
Let’s Donate for Japan!!! (Photo credit: Pavel ahmed)
Japan (Photo credit: loiclemeur)


For those who were interested about my posts on timelapsing, here’s another.

This is another video created with timelapsing, on Japan. I thought the video was amazing. Plain and simple.

The video was very inspiring and you can feel the authors love for Japan in the video, even though you don’t even him in it. The thing that really entertained me was how the author timelapsed the video in very little spaces, making the video seem more like a ride. Also even more like a ride, the video was filmed in a first-person perspective. I gotta say, I have no clue why, but I find rollercoasters and things similar to that, are just plain fun to watch. In fact, I like watching rollercoaster’s more than I like actually on rollercoasters! Wierd. Anyways if you are really into this kind of stuff, click your way to the video linked above.