This rather large clunky device, is an image enhancing projection screen, in the form of glasses.

It was first released in Japan in November, but is now available to buy in the U.S, for $699.99. These glasses project a virtual floating screen in frount of the user that grows in size the further away the wearer stares into the distance.  The device is the equivalent of a 320-inch screen at a distance of 65 feet(20 meters) The projected image seen by the wearer is created an HTPS TFT colour liquid-crystal panes on each arm of the glasses, that project the image by being reflected by mirrors, to a half-mirror layer that projects the image to the wearers pupils, and directs external light through the lens. Epson says that the projected light is balanced with the light intensity from the outside world . That is so the user can see the enhanced image through the lens, as well as his/her surroundings. Though the device looks uncomfortable, Epson included padded arms , 3 diffrent sizes of nose pads, and replaceable lenses. Epson even included a unique pair of earphones, one earbud and cord for each arm, to activate Dolby Mobile Surround Sound.

This new device is sure to be a new experience to wearers. I know I won’t try them because they are not sold in Canada, and they are too much money anyways. In fact I would be kinda nervous, trying those things on. Trusting technology to saftley direct images to your pupil. It seems risky to me. Anyways if you readers are interested in these kinds of things, feel free to visit the links at the bottom of the page. I am exited for their future models though because they could offer mobile entertainment, and virtual 3-D environments. (That wuld be SWEET!)