A new microchip has been created by Broadcom for smart phones that lets the user know where they are, ultra percisely, indoors and out.

The accuracy of the 4752 chip is created from the sheer breadth of sensors within it. It can recieve signals from global navigation satalites, cell-phone towers, and Wi-Fi hot spots. This chip also creates it’s input from altimeters, step counters, accelerometers, and gyroscopes.

The chip can tell where you are in a building, as well as outside. when you are at an appartment or mall it knows what floor you are on and what lies ahead of you. Broadcom calls this ability “ubiquitous navigation”.

The ability of this chip will cause our location services to improve drasticly. For example at the mall store owners will be able to tell exactly when you stop by their frount door, and offer you coupons. Also the storekeeper would be able to tell when and where you are looking at a specific product, and use that to help you choose which product to buy.

Broadcom president, Charlie Abraham said that this new chip could lead to smartphone users knowing exactly where the product they are looking for is, even the specific brand!

It’s inventions like these that make you wonder where technology will take us. This chip is as magnificant as it is scary.

Soon people will be getting global navigation chips sneaked into their food, at diners, and guns that when shot, tell the user exactly where their prey is.

I pray that this does not get out of hand.