This is a video made using a technique called Timelapseing. Timelapsing is when the subject is filmed for very long periods of time, then is edited by the creator by cuting out lots of sections of the video, making the video a lot shorter. Timelapsing is similar to the technique used in the smarty plants video but the video was just sped up at a very fast rate, instead of the removal of segments.

Timelapsing can create beauty in a video, and reveal the actions of nature, and the environment. Timelapsing can also create a feeling of unease, or fear as seen in this video. The filming of a simple powerplant near Council Bluffs lowa was turned into a night alone in the streets, with increasing footsteps comming up behind you.

But you still have to give the soundtrack for Kubric’s The Shinning. Kubric is very skilled with his emotional soundtracks. They are both beautiful, and intense.

Personally I think that this video became creepy and intense because of his music. I encourage you readers to search up more pieces by Kubric and tell me what you thought of it.