Česky: Foxconn Pardubice

Deutsch: Foxconn Logo
Deutsch: Foxconn Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase
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This link will bring you readers to an article I found about apple. Apparently the Japanese workers for Foxconn, the multinational electronics manufacturing company for Apple, have terrible working conditions. Some significant issues was long working hours and poor saftey. Many of the workers at Foxconn were seen working more than 60 hours a week, sometimes for 7 days staight, without their needed day off. Also Foxconn workers are not payed enough for their overtime hours and there factorys are filled with health and saftey risks. At least the FLA said that they have secured agreements to improve these issues.

This article is not very interesting just so you guys know but anybody who is interested in the Apple company, then this article clearly describes Apples discovered problems. Apple is in deep S!% now!