This is avideo about looovee.

Well not really more like dreams of love, but it is still well done. The video was made using simple crafting materials like aluminum wire, cardboard (house), and tissue paper(clothes), and of course technology. The video was greatly animated using a technique called stop motion animation. This is where the entire movie is made up of pictures taken with a camera, that are taken so close together that when you flip the pages of your pictures, they look like they are moving. Usually the artist will move the creation a little tiny bit, and when I say tiny I mean tiny, then the artist will take a picture. The entire movie is made using this slow moving process.

I think that this animation is a good enough to be a new pixar short. It was really moving and enjoyable. Also the music moved very well with the animation and made me feel involved in the movie. I would suggest this movie to all viewers who love a good touchy momment. Don’t cry now.  {:| >