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This is another article about Windows 8, this time providing more information. The article’s main point is to describe how the world might react to the new ipad touch-screen tablet like format called Metro through reviews and tests on older computers.

The new start screen is completely diffrent than previous Windows systems. Instead of the start menue, there are just apps and simple to use shortcuts, to navigate the system. These changes might be irritating to some users who are used to the old windows computers (almost everyone). For example: to start the system instead of a passcode that the user must enter like in ipods, the user must drag the screen down to reveal a log in. This might seem cool and very simple for users on the windows 8 tablet, but on a desktop it is just plain annoying. Windows realized this problem and tried to fix the issue by inserting a function that allows the user to change the format from mobile tablet to desktop computer, with the start menu, programs arranged in their folders, and even the old command prompt. They also inserted the run program to easily run any program that you want. The article explains that this new idea of windows 8 being a desktop computer, and a tablet would dissapoint users no matter how smooth the system is. Users who were looking for a desktop computer would be irritated by the new mobile tablet format, and users who were looking forward to buying a new mobile tablet, may find that purely focused mobile phone tablet would be a better choice, instead of a tablet/desktop fusion.

I was very dissipointed with this article. The new windows system is really going to destroy desktop computers. The article said that years from now people would still have a desktop computer at their house but all the old programs and functions would be gone. I was happy about the way windows tried to fuse the desktop and mobile tablet together though, that would be very sweet. If only it had recieved better reviews. I always hated computers anyways, maybe windows will start to go out of buisiness and x-box will be destroyed as well someday. That would be awesome. GO PLAYSTATION!