This article is all about photographer’s portfolios and how to make them impress the boss, or ad executive. This article provided me with some very interesting pointers if I ever want to be a photographer. Some valuable pointers I learned were

  • Know who you are going to present your portfolio to, and keep all your photo’s based on the same theme.
  • No matter how many photo’s you think are brilliant in your portfolio, eliminate them. Eliminate your photos until you have around 12-15 photos, or you will bore the viewer.
  • Do not send your gallery online or on a CD. Your photo may look great on your computer, with all your monitor settings and display quality, but it may look too dark or crumby on their monitor. Send them your prints in an organized and logical order, and make sure they are protected in a binder with pockets or a briefcase.

This article was very well written and made me learn a lot about photographer’s portfolios, and how to make one. Even though I did not think that I would enjoy this article, with all it’s talk about organization and technology, I really enjoyed it and look forward to another article written by Nancy Hill about something that interests me like videogames or wrestling.