This article informed me about the rising amount of violence on TV. The article stated that violence towards women was increasing like a disturbing trend. In 2004 PTC counted 195 violent acts against woman, in 2009 the amount of violent acts increased to 429. PTC noticed the most amount of violent acts against women in shows like Desperate HouseWives, Heroes, Prision Break, Medium, C.S.I, and C.S.I Miami. PTC does not want violence on TV to be concidered as a norm, and wants action to be taken immediately.

I think that some parents are a little to preoccupied with other childrens safety. It is the parent of the child who should take responsability, not some other person. What is a kid supposed to do without shows like C.S.I Miami on TV? It’s more appropriate than Famliy Guy! Besides The child’s parents can easily take control of shows that they deem inappropriate by blocking channels with passwords or setting TV rules.