Apparently Windows is now trying to make their desktop computers more like a mobile tablet. They call it windows 8. The interface for windows 8 is going to be brand new. Instead of their old typical standard design that has been present in windows OS’ for the past 2 decades, the design is more like an iphone. There will be no more double-clicking to minimize or close a window, instead a simple touch will lower a window, and a swipe will bring you to a previously opened program. Windows 8 will come with a lot of new and upgraded features like enhanced log-in options, aggresive password managment, and built in anti-maleware protection.

Windows 8 is such a big change! Windows 8 is completely touch screen. There was not even a keyboard or mouse! That’s the part that bugs me. Half life 2 part 3 is supposed to come out sometime this year. I was so exited even though I would not be able to play it with no computer. How are they going to release it now when there is no operating system to play it on? FPS games just don’t work on touch-screens! THIS SUCKS! Yet the new upgraded protection features were just what I asked for. Windows 7 even had poor privacy protection. The new Windows 8 has lots of new features to protect your data and privacy from hackers and viruses. It even has a new way to re-install the system without losing any of your data. thats amazing!