This article is all about the noble prize winning invention from over 40 years ago, the CCD.

The CCD (charged-coupled device) was created by William Boyle and George Smith. What the CCD does is form pictures out of data signals of solar cells. solar cells are cells that simply turn light into electricity. So basiclly the CCD forms pictures when used with devices like cameras. All the pictures that we see from space is from CCD’s. Cameras, computers, cellphones, video game accessories, computers all have the CCD chip inside them.

CCD chips are responsible for all the nice pictures we see on the internet. Pictures in space wouldn’t be possible. Even if someone managed to get a picture of space it would be blurry and low quality. William and George’s invention won $1.4 million dollars. Even though the CCd was created before my time I am very happy that it was invented. It is small but powerful and led to scientists discovering lots of information about space. Now all they need to do is figure out how to travel to other planets and confirm that aliens exist.