This article is about the harsh effects from photoshopped images in magazines and websites. Photoshoped images cause harm to the consumer of the image because it makes them believe in a realitiy that does not exist. The article stated that in France the Members of parliament were conserned about teenagers, and the self confidence about ther bodys from intaking the beautiful women and muscular men in magazines. Fifty politicians in France aggreed to a new law that stated that all inhanced images must include a disclaimer that said “Photograph retouched to modify the phisical apperance of a person”. Advertisers who fail to include the disclaimer would be fined $55,440, or up to

50 percent of the total cost of the campaign.

I completly aggree to the negative effects from cropped and photoshoped images towards teens, for i am one myself and have also been a victim. Images on the net or in magazines are air brushed and modified by technology to the point that if these people from the magazines really walked the earth, it would be some freaky stuff.

 I think that the idea of a disclaimer on modified photos would be a great idea and would like this idea to take effect in Canada.